Transport and Logistics

The staff of MP Logistics Limited are provided to many clients within the European Union. MP Logistics Limited provide services to Dutch, German, Belgian, French, Spanish and Polish customers and has about 100 staff working throughout the European Union on any given day.

Every MP Logistics driver has excellent transport experience. Some of them have particular transport sector expertise, such as container transport, chemical transport and bulk liquids transport. All drivers speak German, Dutch and/or English besides their native language of Polish, French or Spanish on a conversational basis.

European Insurance

In outsourcing, MP Logistics offers to all staff that are employed on a permanent contract, European medical insurance. This insures the customer of MP Logistics has no further costs associated with the utilisation of an MP Logistics driver.

MP Logistics specialised management staff are fluent in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and French, which allows MP Logistics to optimize the working time and training of the workers and to deal with all customer issues in the relevant native language of the customer.

Profit Maximisation

With MP Logistics and its her business partners:

  • the costs for personnel are reduced;
  • the possibilities of the transport fleet are being fully exploited;
  • the flexibility of the completion of orders is being gained.

MP Logistics guarantees a professional and high quality service.